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The Rmc Mission

The RMC serves Ashland, Crawford, Huron, Knox, Morrow, and Richland counties. Our mission is to support North Central Ohio manufacturers through education, training, and networking.

Currently, we collaborate with over 100 organizations, including manufacturers from various industries such as food, machinery, agriculture, fabrication, assembly, machining, military and more. In addition, we welcome representatives from economic development, elected officials, community groups, and media representatives to select discussions.

As a manufacturing coalition, we take pride in our incredibly diverse group of members, each serving an important role in the industry. Join us in our mission to strengthen North Central Ohio’s manufacturing sector through education, training, and collaboration.

RMC Counties
Area Served by the Regional Manufacturing Coalition (RMC)

rmc Objectives

  • Serve as a networking and learning platform for members
  • Promote the manufacturing industry throughout our region
  • Partner with area organizations and schools to promote various workforce initiatives
  • Assist local, private, and public organizations in attracting and retaining manufacturing and related businesses in the area
  • Educate members on government programs designed to benefit manufacturers
  • Provide a voice for area manufacturers to local, state, and federal government and offices
  • Provide a platform for members to form strategic alliances
  • Work with the North Central Ohio Industrial Museum(NCOIM) to ensure a strong manufacturing future by honoring our past and showcasing current efforts


Opportunities to share ideas, best practices, business challenges, and other issues common to manufacturers. RMC provides a network for manufacturers to discuss problems/solutions, find future customers and/or vendors, and to get to know your counterparts.

  • Quarterly membership meetings featuring speakers discussing timely topics and other current events within the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing Forums that include topics such as OSHA training, Problem Solving Methods, Key Performance Indicators, SOP, How to Motivate Employees, and Managing Change in the Workforce

Business B4 Hours events touring RMC member manufacturing facilities to see first-hand their products and processes networking and learning with and from others

Manufacturing Career Days bring high school students and teachers together with manufacturers to learn about products made locally, touring manufacturing facilities and promoting career paths available in manufacturing.

The RMC raises funds for scholarships to graduating high school seniors enrolling in manufacturing courses at North Central State College; supports local robotics programs; and other educational endeavors for our members. The RMC has a fund at the Richland County Foundation to support other 501c(3) non-profits related to education endeavors specifically benefitting RMC membership.

“The goal of the RMC fund aligns with one of the Foundation’s strategic initiatives which are to bridge the gap between local job openings and education and certifications.” – Brady Groves

RMC is involved with Richland Community Development Group (RCDG) by serving on the Leadership Board for the manufacturing sector. The sector encompasses workforce and economic development activities.

RMC’s website offers members the opportunity to communicate their capabilities, products, and services for potential web users to learn more about their company. It is also used to communicate newsletters, upcoming events, and other membership information. You must be logged into the website to access all of the functions.

  • Memberships are company/organizational memberships, thereby events are open to anyone in the company. 

MESSage from the rmc president

PR Machine Works has been an RMC member since its’ founding in 2002. Membership has been extremely beneficial to our company. We have taken advantage of the 10 and 30 hour OSHA training and supervisor training at no cost. Networking and sharing best practices has also been extremely beneficial to us.  All manufacturers should be RMC members!


— Zoi Romanchuk; RMC President

RMC President - Zoi Romanchuk - PR Machine Works and Slick Automated Solutions

MESSage from the Executive Director

“My father instilled in me the belief that manufacturing is a key driver of wealth and prosperity, both locally and globally. Agriculture, mining, and manufacturing are the pillars upon which strong economies are built, and they have been the backbone of the US economy for generations. As a member of the local manufacturing community, I am proud to contribute to this important sector.

My mission is to promote education and training in manufacturing by working collaboratively with local resources. This means reaching out to K-12 students and demonstrating that careers in manufacturing are not only dynamic and rewarding, but also financially lucrative. There are numerous ways that individuals and organizations can get involved locally, such as through initiatives like the Summer Manufacturing Institute, Manufacturing Days, Business Before Hour Events, Mentorships, and by supporting STEAM education and other initiatives at the local, state, and federal levels.”

Contact me to find out how the RMC can be of service and add value to your organization.” 

— Jeff Miller – RMC Executive Director –

Jeff - Headshot
RMC Executive Director - Jeff Miller - Miller Fabrication and Welding, Inc.

The RMC Executive Committee

“PR Machine Works has been an RMC member since its’ founding  in 2002. Membership has been extremely beneficial to our company. We have taken advantage of the 10 and 30 hour OSHA training and supervisor training at no cost. Networking and sharing best practices has also been extremely beneficial to us.  All manufacturers should be RMC members!”

“The RMC is an exceptional organization that plays a vital role in supporting and promoting manufacturing in the region. Through its commitment to sharing best practices, promoting businesses, and educating leaders and workers alike, the RMC has become an invaluable resource for companies looking to improve their operations, enhance safety, and foster strong leadership practices. Furthermore, the organization’s dedication to supporting the region’s workforce and education network has helped ensure the long-term success of manufacturing in the area. I cannot recommend the RMC enough for anyone in the manufacturing industry looking to grow and thrive.”

“The RMC supports, upholds, and promotes manufacturing in our community. As a manufacturer, I see the vital need for organizations both large and small to to come together and support one another. I am honored to be involved with the RMC and see it flourish for years to come.”

“I first became involved with the RMC through my husband, Bob Stimpert. I came to see the value of it to the entire community. I stay involved as a career coach because of my belief that it takes business and education working together to produce a community that retains our young people and fills the needs of our businesses.”

“The RMC and its members have been an integral part of my professional growth as a manager and business owner. Through various development classes and best practices forums, I have had the privilege of learning from my peers and industry experts. Attending these events has broadened my knowledge and skills, enabling me to better lead my company and serve my customers.

Being a member of the RMC has provided me with opportunities that I may not have encountered otherwise as a small business owner. I am grateful for the support and camaraderie of the RMC and its members, and I look forward to continuing my involvement with this amazing community. 

If you’re looking to expand your knowledge, network with peers, and grow as a professional, I highly recommend the RMC.”

“I have a strong passion for manufacturing, as well as small business in Ohio. I believe being strong advocates for each makes all small manufactures stronger. As we come together, we will learn from great speakers, market updates, collaboration for long term sustainability and building strong relationships.” Together we will be stronger!”

The Regional Manufacturing Coalition was founded to bring local manufacturers together to share ideas and solve common problems.  As the manufacturing environment becomes more complex through supply chain, work force, and geo-political changes, the role of the RMC becomes more important.  The coalition has grown to support education, workforce development and advocacy for manufacturing related careers.  As a small manufacturer, these initiatives are critical to our short-term and long-term success.  The RMC also remains a great way to network with other manufacturers and solve problems together.”

“Although we are not a manufacturer, support industries are vital to their operations. Being involved helps us understand and serve our customers.”

“As an educator, I appreciate the open discussion with the group as to what the needs are in the manufacturing community so training can be adapted to fill those needs.  The RMC works diligently to ensure the community has every opportunity to cooperate and produce the best outcomes possible.  As an owner of a manufacturing business, I appreciate the support, education, and fellowship that the RMC provides.  It is very exciting to be a part of this group that supports both manufacturing and educational endeavors for our community.”

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